Lowering your shipping costs just got easier

Courier Cashback is a product that that secures refund credits back to your FedEx, DHL Express and UPS accounts automatically.

Secures every refund

The comprehensive inspection on each shipment finds all potential refund claims available and immediately files refund claims with context to secure maximum refund credits from FedEx, DHL and UPS.

Getting started is easy

Seamlessly integrates with your existing process. No need to update passwords, add accounts or make any changes to your FedEx, DHL or UPS accounts.

Designed to save money

Every action taken by Courier Cashback to correct billing mistakes, overcharges and more is done with the intention of lowering shipping costs.

Bank level security

The team behind Courier Cashback has decades of experience building enterprise-grade software with bank-level security that's been hardened by penetration testing performed by third-parties to keep your information secure.

Courier Cashback helps hundreds
of businesses save thousands
on shipping

Small parcel shipping are expertly audited by the Courier Cashback platform. Automated tools that work together to deliver refunds back to FedEx, DHL and UPS shipping accounts without anyone on your team doing any work whatsoever.

  • We do all of the work, and you collect the savings.
  • There's no extra work for anyone on your team.
  • There's no change required in your existing process.
  • 100% of the refunds available within your shipping account are secured.
  • There are no upfront or hidden fees.
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Courier Cashback looks great on any phone, tablet or desktop computer making it easy to manage your shipping accounts and get reports while on the go.

Courier Cashback makes splitting the refunds delivered a breeze. Credit cards are securely stored with Stripe and AutoPay applies payment to any invoice generated.

  • Works on any device
  • Does all the work
  • Easy-to-use
  • Secure credit card storage
  • AutoPay Built-in
  • Great reporting
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Courier Cashback handles all parts in finding and securing refunds back to your FedEx, DHL and UPS shipping accounts for late packages and billing mistakes. All work is done on a performance-basis. 50% of the savings secured is the contingency fee for using the service to save money on shipping.

1Create an account

Creating an Account only takes two minutes, and we only need a few bits of information to complete the process. No credit card is required at the time of registering your account. Upon registration, Courier Cashback immediately begins the audit your shipping accounts and files refund claims automatically.

2Courier Cashback does the work

Courier Cashback is like autocorrect for your shipping accounts, looking for late deliveries, address correction surcharges, Saturday delivery surcharges, and more. A comprehensive audit analyzes each shipment and claims for refunds are automatically submitted to FedEx, DHL and UPS with the context required to get the refunds you deserve.

3You save money

Claims are automatically submitted and tracked as they are refunded back to your FedEx, DHL and UPS accounts in the form of credits that are automatically applied to carrier statements. Courier Cashback verifies the amount of each refund, and reports weekly on the savings delivered. It’s your money. Courier Cashback does the work to get the savings you deserve.

Core services

Automated tools that work together to deliver refunds back to your shipping accounts.

Shipment auditing

A comprehensive audit is performed on each shipment.

Claim submission

Claims for refunds are submitted to FedEx, DHL and UPS automatically.

Claim verification

Refund claims submitted are tracked throughout the review process.

Manifest tracking

Each shipping label is monitored to ensure shipment.

Shipment voiding

Unused shipping labels are voided after 30 days automatically.

Online billing

Secure and easy payments can be made using credit cards.

Weekly reporting

Clear and simple reports show auditing related activities.

Detailed reporting

Comprehensive reporting improves operational efficiencies.

Lost shipment claim management

File claims for shipments lost in transit automatically with AutoFile.

Damaged shipment claim management

File claims for shipments lost in transit automatically with AutoFile.

Carrier agreement optimization

Contract engineering saves shippers 10-30% on average.

Supply chain experts on demand

Answers to your questions are just a phone call away.

Pricing and terms

All billing related to audit and recovery service as well as for the lost and damage management service is done for a 50% split of the savings secured by Courier Cashback back to the shipping account. Payments can be made to a credit or debit card securely store within your Courier Cashback Account.

Faster refunds

Software is the competitive advantage of Refund OS. Each shipment is auditing and claims filed within minutes. This helps drive performance and capture all the refunds available within a shipping account.

Better terms

Refund OS only splits refund credits that were secured by Refund OS, not the total of refund credits on your UPS and FedEx statement, resulting in lower service fees compared to other service providers.

Help center

A knowledge base of answers to questions adds to the great support provided by Refund OS team to customers. Get quick answers to common questions within the help center in your account.

Have questions about pricing or terms? Talk with the Customer Support Team: 01744 776358

Get the refunds you deserve

Courier Cashback is ready to lower your shipping costs.




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What our customers say

Hundreds of businesses have collectively saved millions with the Courier Cashback Shipment Auditing Platform. Courier Cashback works for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses, large enterprises and governmental agencies to lower total shipping spend.